into the unknown interieur

Art & Mediumship

My art and guidance reflect the freedom of the soul & the mystery of life.

I inspire to embrace life in all its vastness. 






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Hi, I am Elisabeth Veerbeek: abstract expressionist artist and I teach art, mediumship and spirit art

Great that you found my website. please feel free to look around and ask me any questions about my art or education possibillities that might arise. 

 I am based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 

Abstract painting gives me the freedom to express the unseen: the soul, feelings and thoughts, the vastness of being and the mystery of life. Everything is energy and we experience it in so many ways. I express it as purely, freely and expressive as I experience it

Do you want to tune into the beauty of the soul and develop your intuitive gifts?
Learn to read the aura or connect to the deceased? We are eternal beings and as we connect with our soul and with spirit we become aware of our inner power and the love from the spirit world. It will enrich your life. 

A spirit artist connects, just like a medium, with the auric field or with a deceased and uses art as a form to express what is perceived. For example in a souldrawing or in a portrait of the deceased.

Making the unknown knowable

Learn to give readings to customers using your intuïtion & creativity

Did you know the Art & Mediumship course is unique?
Did you know you can also follow just one or two modules?

The 5-day course Reading & Mediumship is also a great way to enhance your intuition.


In my trainings:

  • You'll learn to deal  with your sensitivity..

  • You'll learn to develop your intuition, mediumship and creativity.

  • You'll be stimulated to share your mission, passion and talent.


I give painting workshops on a regular basis at Van-Daar, Middeldijk 73 in Barendrecht

Are you ready to dive into a spiritual/creative adventure? 

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Painting workshops are held at:

Van-Daar, Middeldijk 73, Barendrecht



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Studio and practise adress:
Fazantstraat 162a, 
3083ZR Rotterdam

info@wingsoflight.nlTel: +31618553490

Art & Mediumship and Reading & Mediumship trainings are held at: Centrum Sensibel, Johan Jongkindrade 285c, 

Capelle a/d IJssel.

© by Elisabeth Veerbeek. Proudly created with Rafael Bieze.

Interiorphoto's by InsituArtRoom