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Art & Mediumship

My art & my courses are an invitation to reflect on the soul & spirit that you are
so you can live an inspired life

Hi, I am Elisabeth Veerbeek: artist and trainer in art, mediumship and spirit art. I am based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going? The title of Gaugain's painting fits me like a glove. Unraveling the mystery of what we are is the underlying passion for both my art and my mediumship. 
Through introspection we can gain insight in feelings, thoughts, the soul and the eternal spirit that we are. To know yourself awakens your inner strenght. It is freeing. My art and spirituality are strongly connected as are my sensitivity and my inner strenght.


My abstract expressive free style

My paintings are about that inner strenght, that we find when we explore our inner reality, right when we dare to be vulnerable. They give an honost view at the beauty of the soul combined with that raw edge, that the challenges in life present us. Abstraction allows me to freely express that. My paintings gently invite you to introspection.


Using your intuitive gifts

Besides making my art I teach people to give readings in mediumship and spirit art. In my trainings I teach how you can help others, by using your intuition through your art and mediumship, to gain insight and to connect to their loved ones in spirit, so they can accept who they are and live a life close to their hearts. On the way you build on your inner strenght, your confidence and your trust.
My courses are yet all in Dutch. I'm able to give my teachings in english if you would like to organize a course. You can e-mail me about the possebillities. I'm planning on an online english spoken training. Stay tuned.

Painting workshops are held at:

Van-Daar, Middeldijk 73, Barendrecht



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Studio and practise adress:
Fazantstraat 162a, 
3083ZR Rotterdam

info@elisabethveerbeek.comTel: +31618553490

Thank you for your message. I will answer you as soon as possible.

 Elisabeth Veerbeek

Art & Mediumship and Reading & Mediumship trainings are held at: Centrum Sensibel, Johan Jongkindrade 285c, 

Capelle a/d IJssel.

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