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Hi there,

I'm Elisabeth Veerbeek, abstract artist 

I'm here to inspire you.


Ever since my artistic life started at 21, at the Rotterdam Art Academy, my art has represented my inner feelings and contemplations about life. Who are we beyond the physical?  With my art I aspire to bring attention to the endlessness of our being; to feel the magnitude of life despite our pain, despite our struggles. This caused me to dive into an ongoing process of growth: of freeing and empowering the soul. 

Intuition, flow and experimentation are crucial in my artistic process. I use gestural moves to transmit a liberated yet sensitive energy onto my canvas. I apply paints with a range of tools and brushes that bring variety in shape and movement. I love to use fillings like stone powder and iron filling to create texture and rust effects in parts of a painting. Together with fluid paints this creates contrast.

Besides art, I went on a spiritual quest. Emotional bodywork, living and working in a spiritual community, retreats, were ways for me to heal, grow and become more free. Something I benefit from in my artistic process and in the courses I teach..

I also learned I have a natural gift of sensitivity and spiritual connection, which I developed further. I started my own coaching practice using art to help people gain insight in their being. After 10 years I closed my practice to give in to my longing to spend my time painting. I do still teach abstract painting and intuitive/mediumship courses.

You can find me in my art studio in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.   

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