Hi there,

I'm an abstract artist and I teach art and intuitive trainings.

I'm here to inspire you.


When I started, at 21, at the Rotterdam Art Academy, art held the promise of connecting to my soul. It is like I already knew I wouldn't find my inspiration in the visible world. I felt things that made me want to dive into my inner reality and express myself. 

Around my 30th I wanted to learn more about what I felt, I went on a spiritual quest. Emotional bodywork, living and working in a spiritual community, retreats, these were ways to heal, grow. and become more free. More often tears welled up from being touched by the spirit world, I learned I have a natural gift of sensitivity and spiritual connection. 

Later I developed as a medium and spirit artist by training my intuition extensively. I learned to draw portraits of deceased (without photo or knowing them) for people in the public and pass on information about the deceased. I learned to step aside and be a channel. Now, in my artmaking this provides me with a constant stream of inspiration.

I had my own practice for 10 years: I did international soul art commissions and gave insightful sessions using art. I taught art and mediumship to creatives and intuitives so they could grow trust in their abilities and have fun, way out of their comfort zone. Despite this, my soul, again, longed for expression through abstract painting. I returned  to filling my days with making and teaching art. I'm also teaching intuition and mediumship courses.


In my art I express the ongoing process of growth, of freeing and empowering the soul and finding out who we truly are beyond the physical.

Intuition, discovery and experimentation are crucial in my artistic process. While being fully present, I allow my gestural moves to transmit a liberating and colorful energy onto my canvas. I apply acrylic paints with a range of tools and brushes that bring variety in shape, movement and texture.

I want my art to give you an experience of your own free spirit, to evoke wonder about the magic of our existence



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Lieve Verschuierstraat 62 in Rotterdam (near metro Coolhaven) 
Fazantstraat 162a, 3083ZR Rotterdam

Tel: +31618553490

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Elisabeth Veerbeek