So here is the story about me

the artist:

A mainstream life has never been my thing. In my early days I already knew I should do things my own way and follow my heart and soul. And so I did. It wasn't always easy, but it has become a joyous road.

So I found myself at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam at 21 and I've been painting ever since.


Painting is a way to search the soul, to grow and to see who you are on a canvas. It is a way to be completely open and honest. This is why I like my paintings unpolished.

They are a direct expression of what  lives in me, although I don't see it as a way of acting out. I always make sure I'm in an active yet meditative state. 

My art is about meeting the world in a sensitive manner 

and expressing the way it touches me.

I love teaching and help others on their way to become professional mediums and spirit artists. 

I am a vibrant and loving person. I inspire you to gain clarity and to get passed limiting thoughts and feelings.  Trusting yourself enables you to shine your light and to share your passion and talent.  I will be happy to guide you on the way. 

While painting I am present in the moment. It's a proces of painting intuitively, stepping back, watching, analyzing and continue painting.


spirit art


mediumship teacher

Beside my art Ive 'had my own practice since 2011. After training in the area of bodywork, mediumship and spirit art with both english and dutch tutors, amongst which at the renowed Arthur Findlay College, I developed  myself as a medium and spirit artist.


Fazantstraat 162a, 

3083ZR Rotterdam

Tel: +31618553490

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