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"We come spinning out of nothingness, scattering stars like dust."

Welcome to Elisabeth Veerbeek Kunst & Mediumschap. My abstract paintings are my contemplations about life, about who we truly are. How we are connected to each other and to something bigger. How we are influenced by that. Painting is a way to live in accordance to my soul. It makes me feel truly alive. I hope my art transfers a sense of wonder and connection to you. 

I also love to teach more directly what I've learned  about both painting and intuitive development/mediumship as I'm a mixture of a peoples person and a hermit, a philosopher and a hands on person. i truly hope you'll find something that inspires you on my website

Abstract by Elisabeth Veerbeek
Épiphany' by dutch artist Elisabeth Veerbeek
Elisabeth Veerbeek artist
'The light of the brave' by artist Elisabeth Veerbeek


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Folkert Elsingastraat 3, Rotterdam
Fazantstraat 162a, 3083ZR Rotterdam 
Tel: +31618553490

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